New graduate student, Maya Yanez, joins the lab.

Jayme Feyhl-Buska's poster wins second place at AbSciCon 2019!

Congratulations to Didi Bojanova on passing her qualifying exam!

Dr. James Bradley starts a faculty position at Queen Mary University of London!

Congratulations to Heidi Aronson on passing her qualifying exam!

The newest Amend Lab Proto-PhD!

New undergraduate, Harold Carlson, joins the lab

New undergraduate, Edgar Sanchez, joins the lab

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Diana Bojanova accepted on the scientific team for IODP 385.

Introducing Dr. Laura Zinke!

​Congratulations Dr. Laura Zinke for her successful thesis defense on the influence of microbial ecology on geochemical transformations in two contrasting marine settings. Dr. Zinke has joined the Emerson Lab at UC Davis as a post doctoral fellow.  

Introducing Dr. Guang-Sin Lu!

Congratulations Dr. Guang-Sin Lu for her successful thesis defense on Geomicrobiology in the Shallow-Sea Hydrothermal System at Milos Island, Greece. 

Amend Lab undergraduate Karla Abuyen chooses USC (lab of Moh El-Naggar) for graduate school

Amend Lab undergraduate Emilie Skoog chooses MIT (lab of Tanja Bosak) for graduate school

Heidi Aronson accepted to the International Geobiology Course

Heidi Aronson receives GRFP Fellowship

Laura Zinke transitions to post-doc at UC Davis

New undergraduate, Isaiah Smith, joins the lab

Amend Lab alumna Annie Rowe starts tenure-track faculty position at the University of Cincinnati

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​Doug LaRowe, Annie Rowe, James Bradley and Guang-Sin Lu are going to present in AGU Fall meeting.

Community college students train at USC Dornsife to characterize new microbe

Scientists from the Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations at USC Dornsife educate community college students from around the U.S. on cutting-edge research techniques to better understand the ecology of the subseafloor.

check the Dornsife page

In this 2016 frame grab taken from NASA Television, a SpaceX Dragon capsule separates from a robotic arm of the International Space Station en route back to Earth with a load of science experiments and gear from the space station. Another batch of scientific experiments is scheduled to be launched by SpaceX on Monday.

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Welcome Roman Barco to our lab!

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Jayme feautured in Montana State University news
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Congrats!!! Laura Zinke received a USC WiSE Fellowship (Women in Science & Engineering)
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Our outstanding undergrad, Amanda Semler, will continue deep ocean studies at Stanford University in earth systems science PhD program. 
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New Graduate Student!

Welcome Diana Bojanova to our group!

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New Graduate Student!

Welcome Heidi Aronson to our group!

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NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Fellowship

Jayme Feyhl-Buska received a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation! 

New Postdoc !

Welcome Fabai Wu to our group and Victoria Orphan's group (Caltech)!

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New Professor at UPenn

Ileana will be starting as an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania on July 1, 2017.  She is also looking for prospective graduate students to kick-start her research program within the Department of Earth and Environmental Science and in association to the Center for Energy Research. She is looking for candidates interested in microbial biogeochemistry from a deep-time and energy-use perspective. The prospective student(s) will be expected to work at the interface between geology, chemistry, and biology.

Welcome James Bradley join our lab.

Katrina J. Edwards Memorial Dissertation Award

Lily got 2016 Katrina J. Edwards Memorial Dissertation Award!

Lily worked on the isolation and characterization of unique bacteria, both in their phylogeny and physiology, from the deep terrestrial biosphere- research that follows directly in the spirit of Katrina's research thrust. Lily has also been involved in several productive collaborations apart from her dissertation work resulting in  5 scholarly publications so far with several more in the pipeline.

New PhD!!

Congratulations to the newly Dr. Lily Momper for her successful thesis defense on microbial ecology in the deep terrestrial biosphere! Dr. Momper will soon be headed to MIT for post-doctoral research funded by the highly-selective Crosby Fellowship. Her brilliance, wit, and energetic presence will be greatly missed!

ECOGEO Workshop

Guang-Sin got the offer fron ECOGEO Workshop!! See you in Honolulu on July 25 and 26. 

Lily Momper and Laura Zinke were accepted to DCO summer school Yellowstone National Park

Jayme Feyhl-Buska was accepted to the International Geobiology Course

Lily momper received the W.O. Crosby fellowship to start work at MIT in fall.

Congratulations to PhD candidate Laura Zinke for her recent award of the IODP/USSSP Schlanger Fellowship! Over 2016-2017 she will work on metatranscriptomic characterizations of carbon cycling in the Baltic Sea Basin using sediment collected during IODP X347

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Congratulations to Alberto Robador, who had one of the most highly viewed publications in Frontiers of Microbiology in 2015! He showed microbial sulfate reduction in the marine crustal basalt, along with the help of Amend lab members Sean Jungbluth and Doug LaRowe.

Laura Zinke passed her qualifying exams and is now the Amend lab's new PhD candidate! Check out her profile here

The NSF-funded Science and Technology Center (PI: Amend) focusing on the subseafloor biosphere is renewed for another 5 years.

Amend Lab graduate students Guang-Sin Lu (shallow-sea hydrothermal vent system on Milos Island, Greece) and Laura Zinke (Dorado Outcrop on the East Pacific Rise ridge flank near Costa Rica) receive CoDL DNA sequencing awards from the Deep Carbon Observatory.

New Lab Members

What makes it iPost-docs Annie Rowe ,Sean Jungbluth and Ileana Pérez-Rodríguez, and graduate student Jayme Feyhl-Buska join the Amend Lab.