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Lily Momper



Address: University of Southern California, Department of Earth Sciences

825 Bloom Walk, ACB 302

Los Angeles, California 90089-0740



  • Graduate Researcher, Division of Biological Sciences, University of Southern California (2012-)

Thesis project part of NASA Astrobiology Institute ‘Life  Underground’


  • Laboratory Manager, Division of Biological Sciences, Washington University in St Louis and Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana 2009 and 2010, respectively.

IEpigenetic control and nucleolar dominance in Arabidopsis thaliana.



  • Field research at Sanford Underground Research Facility, formerly Homestake Gold Mine, Lead South Dakota. Collection of samples from deep continental subsurface (Sept-Oct, 2013)

  • Research cruise OC469 on the WHOI Research Vessel Oceanus, north-south Atlantic  transect, Woods Hole to Barbados (Sept-Oct, 2010)

  • Research cruise KM1013 on the Research Vessel Kilo Moana at Station ALOHA in the Northern Pacific Ocean (July, 2010)



University of Southern California, Ph.D. in Marine Environmental Biology, 2016


Washington University in St. Louis, B.A. in Biology, 2008


University of Queensland, Brisbane, Study abroad in Marine Ecology, 2007

2010 - present




  1. Jangir, Y, French, S, Momper, LM, Moser,  DP, Amend, JP, El-Naggar, MY (2016) Isolation and characterization of electrochemically active subsurface Delftia and Azonexus. Frontiers in Microbiology. (LINK)

  2. Momper, LM, BK Reese, G Ramirez, P Lee and EA Webb (2014). “Characterization of a novel cohabitation between two marine diazotrophic cyanobacteria.” ISME J. (LINK)

  3. Momper, LM, MR Osburn, BK Reese, DP Moser and JP Amend. “Microbial diversity in the deep continental subsurface: Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF), USA.” In prep for EM Reports.

  4. Sylvan, JB, CL Hoffman, LM Momper, BM Toner, JP Amend and KJ Edwards. (2015)  “Bacillus rigiliprofundis  sp. nov., a spore forming, Mn-oxidizing halotolerant bacterium isolated from deep subsurface ocean crust.” IJSEM. (LINK)

  5. Osburn, MR, DE LaRowe, LM Momper and JP Amend. (2014) “Chemolithotrophy in the continental deep subsurface: Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF), USA.” Frontiers in Extreme Microbiology. (LINK)

  6. Van Mooy, BAS, LR Hmelo, LE Sofen, SR Campagna, A May, ST Dyhrman, A Heithoff, EA Webb, LM Momper and TJ Mincer.(2012) "Quorum sensing control of phosphorus acquisition in  Trichodesmium consortia." ISME J. (LINK)



  1. Correlating geochemistry and microbial functions in the deep continental biosphere (SURF, USA). Lily M Momper, Magdalena Osburn and Jan Amend.Astrobiology Science Conference. Chicago, Illinois, June, 2015.

  2. Microbial taxonomic diversity of the continental deep biosphere. Lily M Momper, Magdalena Osburn, Jan P. Amend. International Symposium for Microbial Ecology, Seoul, South Korea. August, 2014.

  3. Cultivation of Novel Deep Subsurface Microbes. Lily M Momper invited speaker. NASA Executive Council Meeting. University of Southern  California, November 18, 2014.

  4. University of Southern California Annual Trustee Conference, Science Panel: ‘Life  Underground,’ April 7, 2012.

  5. Lipid biomarkers of the deep terrestrial subsurface biosphere. Magdalena Osburn,  Lily Momper, Florence Schubotz, Roger Summons, and Jan Amend. American Geophysical Union. San Francisco, California, December 2014.



  1. “A novel Cohabitation between Two Diazotrophic Cyanobacteria” American Society of Microbiology Regional meeting, San Diego California, October 2012.

  2. “Lipid Biomarkers of the Continental deep subsurface: Homestake Mine, USA”    Magdalena Osburn, Florence Schubotz, Lily Momper, Roger Summons, and Jan Amend. Gordon Research Seminar, Holderness School, August 2014.

2010 - present



  • National Science Foundation, East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellow Award  recipient for exchange work at JAMSTEC-Yokosuka, Japan (2014)

  • Graduate Student Government: Umbrella Organization President Biological Sciences, Graduate Student Representative and nomination for Graduate Student Senator of  the Year award (2012-2013)

  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant: Cell Biology and Physiology BISC 220- University of Southern California, (2012)

  • William Greenleaf Elliot Scholarship, academic merit, Washington University (2004-2008)




  • Cell Biology and Physiology- University of Southern California, Spring 2012 and 2013

  • Molecular Biology- BISC 320, University of Southern California, Fall 2012

  • Global Environmental Microbiology- hosted at the University of Southern California and sponsored by Center for Dark Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) for community college and underrepresented students, Summer 2011 and 2012



  • Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Mentor for female Undergraduate Student, Research Fellows, (2015-)

  • Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR) Mentor for Undergraduate Student             Research Fellows, University of Southern California (2011-2014)

  • Community College Research Internship for Scientific Engagement (CC-RISE) Mentor for community college student research intern, hosted at University of Southern California and sponsored by C-DEBI and the NSF, (2013)

  • Rose Hills Summer Research Fellowship Graduate Student Mentor/Supervisor for undergraduate fellowship recipient at USC, (2012)

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