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Diana (Didi) Bojanova



Address: University of Southern California, Department of Earth Sciences

825 Bloom Walk, ACB 302

Los Angeles, California 90089-0740



  • Graduate Research Assistant, University of Southern California, Geomicrobiology (2017-)

  • Microbiologist, IODP Expedition 385: Guaymas Basin (2019)

  • Faculty Research Assistant, University of Maryland, Geochemistry (2016-2017)​

  • Research Assistant, Vanderbilt University, Microbiome Microbiology (2015-2016) ​

  • Research Assistant, University of Chicago, Microbial Biogeochemistry (2014-2015)​

  • ​Research Intern, USDA - Agricultural Research Service, Pesticide and Bee Virus Research (2013)

  • ​Research Intern, Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory, Space Physics  (2010)​



University of Southern California, Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, NOW


University of Chicago  (2015)

B.S. in Geophysical Sciences, 

B.A. in Biological Sciences


Journal Papers

  • Merino, N, Aronson, H.S.Bojanova, D.P, Feyhl-Buska, J., Zhang, S, Giovannelli, D. (2019) Living at the extremes: extremophiles and the limits of life in a planetary context. Frontiers in Microbiology (LINK)

  • Bojanova, D.P, Bordenstein S.R. (2016) Fecal Transplants: What Is Being Transferred? PLOS biology (LINK)


  • Eitel, E.M., Marroquin, S., Betts, M., Speth, D., Smith, B.P., Bojanova, D.P., Cabrera-Cortez, A., Magyar, J.S., Miller, L, Fischer, W.W., Orphan, V.J., Sessions, A.L. (2022) The impact of anthropogenic forcing on the high-resolution biogeochemistry of laminated sediment in a hypersaline, alkaline environment within a 350-year time period. Poster presented at Ocean Sciences 2022 by Eryn Eitel.

  • Morono, Y., Teske, A., Galerne, C.Y., Bojanova, D.P., Edgcomb, V.P., Meyer, N.R., Schubert, F., Toffin, L., and IODP Expedition 385 Scientists (2022) Microbial cell distribution in the Guaymas Basin subseafloor biosphere, a young marginal rift basin with rich organics and steep temperature gradient. Poster presented at EGU 2022 by Yuki Morono.

  • Bojanova, D. P., Cabrera-Cortez, A., Eitel, E.M., Smith, B.P., Magyar, J.S., Miller, L., 
    Orphan, V.J., Fischer, W.W., Geobiology Course 2021, Sessions, A.L.  (2021) The Curious Case of the Mono Lake Laminae. Poster presented at AGU 2021.

  • Bojanova, D. P., LaRowe, D.E., Amend, J.P. (2021) The Search for Well Hideen Methanogens in Guaymas Basin's Sediments. Lightening Talk at C-DEBI Annual Meeting.

  • Bojanova, D. P., LaRowe, D.E., Amend, J.P.  (2018) The Energetic Basis of Metabolic Compeition. Poster presented at C-DEBI Annual Meeting.

  • Bojanova, D. P., Amend, J.P. (2018) Deep Subsurface Microbiology and the Carbon Cycle. Poster presented at USC’s Earth Science poster session.

  • Farquhar, J., Leavitt, W., Guo, W., Eldridge, D., Bojanova, D. (2017) The Role of Reversibility and Sulfur Intermediates in the Sulrfur Metabolism. Talk given at Goldschmidt by James Farquhar.



  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Marine and Environmental Biology, University of Southern California 

Geobiology (BISC 483)  (Spring 2020)

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Southern California 

Oceanography (GEOL107)  (Fall 2017)

2010 - present

2010 - present




  • 2020   Demystifying the IODP Proposal Process for Early Career Scientists: Pacific Ocean New York City, NY

  • 2018   Diversity and Inclusion Workshop, STC Directors Meeting, University of California – Berkeley, CA


  • 2020 - NOW    Racial Equity Task Force Member, Earth Sciences Dept., University of Southern California

  • 2020 - 2020    Paleoenvironmental Seminar Coordinator, Earth Sciences Dept., University of Southern California

  • 2019 - 2021    Geobiology Symposium 2020/2021 Committee Member, Earth Sciences Dept., University of 

  • 2018 - 2019    Graduate Student Government Senator, Earth Sciences Dept., University of Southern California


  • 2021 ECORD Summer School - Downhole Logging and Petrophysics

  • 2021 International Geobiology Course



  • 2021 RV Pelican - Microbial Dead Zone Respiration

  • 2019 IODP 385 - Guaymas Basin Biosphere and Tectonics

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