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New undergraduate, Harold Carlson, joins the lab

New undergraduate, Edgar Sanchez, joins the lab

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Diana Bojanova accepted on the scientific team for IODP 385

Introducing Dr. Laura Zinke!

​Congratulations Dr. Laura Zinke for her successful thesis defense on the influence of microbial ecology on geochemical transformations in two contrasting marine settings. Dr. Zinke has joined the Emerson Lab at UC Davis as a post doctoral fellow.  

Introducing Dr. Guang-Sin Lu!

Congratulations Dr. Guang-Sin Lu for her successful thesis defense on Geomicrobiology in the Shallow-Sea Hydrothermal System at Milos Island, Greece. 

Amend Lab undergraduate Karla Abuyen chooses USC (lab of Moh El-Naggar) for graduate school

Amend Lab undergraduate Emilie Skoog chooses MIT (lab of Tanja Bosak) for graduate school

Heidi Aronson receives GRFP Fellowship

Heidi Aronson accepted to the International Geobiology Course

Laura Zinke transitions to post-doc at UC Davis

New undergraduate, Isaiah Smith, joins the lab

Amend Lab alumna Annie Rowe starts tenure-track faculty position at the University of Cincinnati

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