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Congratulations to Alberto Robador, who had one of the most highly viewed publications in Frontiers of Microbiology in 2015! He showed microbial sulfate reduction in the marine crustal basalt, along with the help of Amend lab members Sean Jungbluth and Doug LaRowe.

Laura Zinke passed her qualifying exams and is now the Amend lab's new PhD candidate! Check out her profile here

The NSF-funded Science and Technology Center (PI: Amend) focusing on the subseafloor biosphere is renewed for another 5 years.

Amend Lab graduate students Guang-Sin Lu (shallow-sea hydrothermal vent system on Milos Island, Greece) and Laura Zinke (Dorado Outcrop on the East Pacific Rise ridge flank near Costa Rica) receive CoDL DNA sequencing awards from the Deep Carbon Observatory.

New Lab Members

What makes it iPost-docs Annie Rowe and Ileana Pérez-Rodríguez, and graduate student Jayme Feyhl-Buska join the Amend Lab.

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