Diana Bojanova accepted to the International Geobiology Course

New undergraduate, Cais Thomas, joins the lab

check her page here

New undergraduate, Shaan Eckstein, joins the lab

New graduate student, Maya Yanez, joins the lab.

Jayme Feyhl-Buska's poster wins second place at AbSciCon 2019.

Congratulations to Didi Bojanova on passing her qualifying exam!

Dr. James Bradley starts a faculty position at Queen Mary University of London.

Congratulations to Heidi Aronson on passing her qualifying exam!

The newest Amend Lab Proto-PhD

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Goldschmidt 2019 will be held in Barcelon, Spain on August 18-23. Jan Amend, Doug LaRowe, and James Bradley will be presenting. 


AbSciCon 2019 will be held in Bellevue, Washington. Jan Amend, Doug LaRowe, and Jayme Fehyl-Buska will be presenting. 

Calorimetry Workshop at the Telluride Science Research Center


Jan Amend, Fabai Wu, and Jayme Fehyl-Buska will be taking part in this workshop to advance the laboratory's calorimetry expertise on June 16-20.


Jayme Fehyl-Buska, Heidi Aronson, and Isaiah Smith presented on April 6th at Caltech.


Heidi Aronson and Jayme Fehyl-Buska present at AGU 100

2018 C-DEBI Annual Meeting


The 2018 Annual C-DEBI Meeting was held November 7th to 10th at the Marina, California. Diana Bojanova, Heidi Aronson, and Jan Amend presented.

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